Tourism in the Dordogne - Lot, rich of history and gastronomy

Prehistory in Perigord-Quercy Dordogne-Lot: cottages holiday resort in Gavaudun   Middle-ages in Perigord-Quercy Dordogne-Lot: holiday cottages in Gavaudun   Farms and vineyards in Dordogne Lot et Garonne: gites holiday park in Gavaudun


Domaine de Gavaudun is located on the border of Aquitaine and Midi-Pyrénées regions, near the famous historical provinces of Perigord, Quercy, Guyenne and Gascony, at the crossroads of the three departments Lot et Garonne, Dordogne and Lot, in the middle of the golden triangle Bergerac - Cahors - Agen, 60 km from Sarlat.

From the holiday resort, you will visit a tourism region of exceptional richness :

To find your way, you can print a map of the region centered on the Domaine de Gavaudun (DDG) covering part of the historical provinces of Perigord, Quercy, Guyenne et Gascogne (departments Lot et Garonne, Dordogne and Lot), the Mecca of historical and cultural tourism :

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Scenic tours with your car in the Dordogne Lot et Garonne around Gavaudun

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