Gardens and meadows: meals, cocktails and outdoor activities

Idéalement situé dans le sud du Périgord Noir, à la croisée du Lot et Garonne, de la Dordogne et du Lot, le Domaine de Gavaudun vous propose de profiter pleinement de ses larges espaces verts et des jardins situés près des salles de réception.

Conveniently located in the south of the Black Perigord, at the crossroads of the Lot-et-Garonne, the Dordogne and the Lot, the Domaine de Gavaudun offers to enjoy its wide open spaces and gardens located near the reception rooms.

Various events can be organized and we will provide you with many accessories such as barrels, bales of straw or decorative objects and furniture such as tables for buffet and standing tables.

We gladly prepare barbecue, Mechoui, picnic or cocktails.

A sound system can be installed even in the meadows.

For meals of over 200 people, it is possible to install a large tent (water and electricity connections available).


Links to our reception rooms :

For groups up to 200 people seated, see our Great Hall.

For mid-size groups, see our beautiful Barn.

For smaller groups up to 40 people, we will use our restaurant's room.


Photo Gallery :

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