Helipad - vacation resort and restaurant in Dordogne-Lot area, in the Lot et Garonne

Helicopter landing possible on the football field next to the sports grounds, 50m from the restaurant Auberge de Vezou.

Domaine de Gavaudun in Dordogne-Lot - holiday resort with restaurant and cottages - swimming pool, bar and tennis     Helicopter in Dordogne-Lot - Auberge de Vezou - Gavaudun vacation resort - swimming pool, bar and tennis

Aerial view of the center of the holiday resort: helicopter landing next to the tennis and sports fields.


Available for the reception by helicopter of Residents of the holiday resort "Domaine de Gavaudun" (vacation cottages in the Black Perigord) as well as access to the restaurant Auberge de Vezou, open to all.

The vacation resort is located in the northeast of the Lot et Garonne, on the border of the Lot and the Dordogne.

Dimensions of the football field excluding outskirts (perfectly flat and open) : 20 x 40 m.

Plot situated in a little valley.

Obstacles nearby: row of hazeltrees (height 6m) bordering along the southwest side, light poles of the sports fields (height 9m) on the northeast side.

GPS coordinates of the field : 44.568473, 0.902989

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